The Semper Fidelis Society is an association of Marines whose purpose is to maintain the camaraderie, espirit-de-corps and sense of purpose that identifies us as United States Marines. We believe that the Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment, coupled with the historical tenacity of Marines to accomplish their mission are traits that are worthy of respect and emulation. In the interest of Marines taking care of Marines and sharing our values within our community, we will provide a forum/fraternity of Marines that will foster an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation with the intent of providing a network of Marines who will work towards the goal of Marines taking care of Marines and establishing a set of connections that can benefit Marines, Navy FMF Corpsmen and their families.


Ensure that Marines and Navy FMF Corpsmen are respected and recognized for their services, always receive their benefits and entitlements; are recognized for the sacrifices they and their families made on behalf of this nation.

Thank you for considering Semper Fidelis Society of Jacksonville for a charitable contribution. All Officers and board members are non-compensated volunteers, so all of our money goes right back into supporting our mission.  Our largest expenses as an organization include the annual Gung Ho Awards, Annual Marine and FMF Corpsmen Memorial, Annual Leadership Awards to NJROTC Units and website maintenance/organizing.

Over 100+ Members Strong

The Jacksonville Semper Fidelis Society has sustained steady membership growth with over 100 members, half of those forming a solid core of “active” members.

Since 1999

Founded in December of 1999 in Jacksonville, FL., in the same spirit the Marine Corps First Commandant, Samuel Nichols, recruited his Marines at Tun Tavern, the Semper Fidelis Society was born.


PLEASE NOTE: Meetings are now the 3rd Saturday of the Months of January, March, May and September. They are breakfast meetings starting at 1000 and ending at 1200. 

Hidden Hills Country Club

3901 Monument Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32225

Medal of Honor Recipient

The Semper Fidelis Society is honored to have as one of its members Corpsman Robert Ingram USN.  Bob served as Corpsman with Company C, First Battalion, Seventh Marines in Vietnam.

Marine Alumni

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine”

Takes on special significance because of the Semper Fidelis Society, an organization that provides a venue, in a predominantly Navy community, for Marines and FMF Corps to share in the camaraderie they knew while on active duty. The Semper Fidelis Society is an organization that brings together those who still practice and believe in values like, honor, courage and commitment. The core values that are the foundation of the character of Marines and those who serve with the Marines.