Semper Fidelis…It is clearly the best organization for Marine Veteran’s in Jacksonville, if not the entire southeast.

Don Rait

                                                                                            Captain 0302, USMC, Vietnam

Our Semper Fi Society is a truly unique organization. We are a ‘stand alone’ group without a national affiliation. No one is sending assistance from anywhere. Thanks to your efforts our Society is taking the lead and making a difference in many Marine and veterans affairs issues in the area.

Rut Whittington

                                                                                                      Colonel USMCR

The Marine Corps has been successful because they emphasize the “we and us” in everything they do. The Semper Fidelis Society is no different.  It is all about “we and us”, and together “we” can make a difference for all Marines and FMF Corpsmen here in Jacksonville.  Jacksonville isn’t a Navy town, it is a NAVAL Town.

Greg Horstman

                                                                                                         LtCol USMC

I only wish that I had found the Society earlier. I am forever grateful to Bob M who spotted my USMC tag when I was getting an oil and lube. Bob brought me to the first meeting and the rest is history. I was hooked. I have really enjoyed meeting fellow Marines who were history makers.

Byron Googins

                                                                                                     Sgt. USMC. Korea