Wouldn’t it be nice if Jax had a real…VETERANS COUNCIL to the Mayor

Council that would…
Provide direct interaction with Veterans community/Veterans organizations on behalf of the Mayor.
Assist an advise the Mayor on matters of concern to the Veterans community.
Establish a open and honest rapport with Veteran organizations leadership and community Veterans at large.
Work collaboratively with Veteran organizations to provide a coordinated effort to support Veterans and Veteran organizations.
Advise local Veterans organization leadership on matters of concern to community leaders.

Duties and responsibilities
1. Monitor and coordinate Veterans community activities to help avoid conflict and maximize attendance at Veterans events.
2. Provide outreach efforts, working with Veterans organizations, focusing on Veterans employment, reducing Veterans homelessness and increasing knowledge of Veterans benefits, especially among young Veterans.
3. Bring attention to the plight of PTSD victims and the increase in suicides among             4. Veterans in many cases as a result of VA failures.
5. Work with local media sources on issues of concern to Veterans.
6. Help facilitate communication among organization that support Veterans and between Veterans organizations.
7. Establish a rapport with Veterans organizations and their leadership; become the go to for Veterans and the voice of Veterans within the administration.
8. Provide guidance to the Mayor on what Veterans functions should be supported by community leadership.
9. Develop a Veterans community Newsletter.
10. Advise and assist Veterans community leadership on matters of concern to the Mayor.
11. Be prepared to assist the Military and Veterans Affairs Director on any and all matters involving Veterans.

Made up of Individuals who can develop rapport with the Veterans community, Veterans with creditability in the Veterans community; Active in and known within the Veterans community, Knowledgeable in Veterans benefits and process, Ability to speak to large groups, have demonstrated leadership abilities.

Wouldn’t it be nice…Find those who understand the difference between “we and us” and “I and me” and finally give the 150,000 Veterans in this community a voice and a means to have their concerns addressed vice always being ignored or just subjected to political rhetoric every election cycle or political marionettes.

Maybe if we had such a council, we could get the attention needed to deal with issues like the local VA situation that is contributing to the deaths of local Veterans.