We have a broken political system powered by money instead of patriotism that has tilted the political process in a dangerous direction.  Candidates who don’t have the support of the party establishment and run against entrenched incumbents, who cozy up to party elitists and their money, don’t stand much of a chance getting their message out.  Local newspapers are average Americans last hope of ensuring a level playing field/providing information they can use to make objective decisions at the ballot box.

Printed news in many situations is still a good way to get the word out.  We can only hope the TU will factually and objectively address all the candidates who run for office, especially those who are usually ignored by the party establishment/elitists with money that can buy up endless TV and radio ads.

Americans can make the right choices if given information vice being nudged into thinking there is only one alternative, the party’s candidate of choice.  Things need to change or we ALL will end up suffering the consequences of failed leadership at all levels of government.

It would be encouraging if the TU took the same amount of time and space they use to showcase the football team throughout the paper to fairly inform readers about those who decide to run for office and not just those anointed by the parties.  The TU can help provide a solution to one of the problems we have in American politics today…failure to recognize LEADERSHIP…vice contributing to the problem by fueling ignorance by not helping to inform readers of other choices they have to assume elected leadership positions.